Industrie Technik Kling GmbH
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D-68199 Mannheim
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Certified qualities-management-system
ISO 9001:2008
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Welcome to the website of Industrie Technik Kling GmbH in Mannheim

Originally formed as a technical trading firm in the fields of personnel protection, fittings, sealings and gaskets, and hose lines, we are today a leading supplier of hazardous materials equipment.

In all places where loading, transport and storage of liquid, gaseous and granular products are concerned, whether in ships, rail tank wagons, road tankers or in aircraft refuelling, we offer you technical advice and services tailored to your specific problems. Tell us about your complex technical problems. You will certainly not find any mass-produced articles but individual concepts designed to meet your particular requirements, and quite specific solution proposals.

Chemicals inevitably provide points of attack for corrosion, abrasion and wear. Whether aggressive media, toxic fumes or noxious gases are involved; our supply programme will convince our customers. We answer your queries about resistance properties, durability and application optimization with access to databases and to outside specialists to be able to provide individual solutions to your problems.

We can offer you C-parts management to help save considerable costs. High-quality products, manufactured to European standards, are held in stock for our customers; most of our products are manufactured and delivered on the same day; flexibility is a matter of course! Besides a quality assurance system to EN ISO 9001:2000, our employees regularly attend further training courses to be able to advise you on the latest regulations and standards. We are represented in trade associations and in the VTH SAT working group, an association of leading specialists in Europe in the field of hose and fittings technology!

In addition to such industries as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our customers include petrochemicals, tank farms, all renowned road tanker and bulk material haulage companies, maintenance and assembly firms, varnish and paint factories, as well as (hazardous materials) firefighting services; both in Germany, in Europe and in the USA.