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Welcome  > Occupational Health & Safety
Our OH&S programme is modelled on the latest European standards. It is aimed first and foremost at avoiding industrial accidents and preventing occupational diseases. It helps to save costs and promotes both quality of work and job satisfaction.

Together with our partners we offer you a very extensive OH&S range "from head to toe". The focal point of our supply range lies in equipment required for handling chemicals. We match OH&S solutions to the operation and to the personnel. Our products help to protect you during your daily work!
Face screens & head protection
Safety goggles
Corrected-vision eyeglasses
Full-view goggles
Welder's goggles
VDU eyeglasses
Hard hats
Radiation shielding helmets
Welder's helmets
Respiratory equipment
Half masks
Full-face masks
Respiratory filters
Inhaled air filters
Air-supplied respirators
Air supply (blower filters)
Respiratory protective hoods
Personnel protection
Disposable protective clothing
Chemical protective clothing
Tyvek clothing
Safety harnesses
Belt lines
Life lines
Hand guards
Disposable gloves
Kevlar gloves
Latex & PVC glovese
Viton & butyl gloves
Knitted gloves
Leather gloves
Protective clothing
Cold protective clothing
Warning jackets
Work clothes, flame-retarding & Proban-coated, antistatic
Chemical protective clothing
Safety shoes
Safety boots

Corrected-vision eyeglasses
We make high-quality corrected-vision eyeglasses for your employees. You choose a suitable model from our range of protective goggles, and we digitally photograph your employee's face/eyes. The glasses are cut to specification and clipped on to the goggles. This system will help to increase personnel safety and consequently reduce accident rates