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We have Elaflex quality road tanker couplings in stock that are manufactured to European standards. To conform to the DIN 28450 standard, brass fittings are required to be of forged design. Non-German products are for the most part of cast design and so do not meet the requirements of the above standard. The difference is that forged fittings have a considerably longer service life than cast fittings.

In addition, our supply programme features a large selection of special fittings together with the appropriate assembly tools.

The materials on offer are: steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel (with PTFE coating or rubber coating) and also Hastelloy C4 as a special material. Most articles are available from stock or at short notice, and some of these we manufacture ourselves!

Road tanker couplings
Couplings with male or female thread
Blind covers
Blind plugs
Connection sockets
Screw connections
Segment fittings
Saturated steam fittings

Transition pieces
Reducing nipples
Double nipples
Weld-on nipples
Gas displacement connections for road tankers
Blind caps
German and non-German systems

Sealings and gaskets
Moulded sealing rings and flat sealing rings to suit road tanker couplings, made of PU, NBR, SBR, Viton, Hypalon, EPDM, etc.
O rings
Gaskets of Gylon (without cold flow property)

Assembly tools
Coupling wrenches
Swivel hook wrenches
Assembly spanners
Copper hammers

Inspection glass flanges
Threaded nipples for flanges
Blind flanges
Flange binders

Special parts
We manufacture special parts for you at short notice, e.g.
Flanges with 90° pipe bends,
Flange threaded nipples with special thread, etc.