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As a sales partner and regional representative of Elaflex, Hamburg, we sell their complete supply programme. Elaflex is the leading supplier in Europe where chemical hoses are concerned; in quality, service and in stockholding. over and above this, they maintain a very extensive database with lists of durability properties that we can consult at all times.

For more than 15 years our company has been providing complex solutions for the most varied application conditions. Our day-to-day business includes such challenging tasks as highly aggressive, toxic and caustic products, e.g. ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid, MDI/TDI (isocyanate), liquid sulphur, to mention just a few.

Contrary to loose hoses, hosepipes are subject under certain conditions to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, and may be required to bear the CE marking. Some of our employees are "qualified persons for pressure equipment and pipelines in accordance with the new operational dependability regulation" and/or "certified specialist consultants for hoses and fittings", who will be pleased to advise you on questions concerning the latest regulations and regulations.

In our specialized workshop we repair and test your hose lines. Our programme of special road tanker and loading fittings leaves nothing to be desired; we find the right solution to your problem. Our rubberized tank truck couplings, which we manufacture ourselves, are used throughout Europe for particularly aggressive products, where even stainless steel is not durable enough.

Composite hoses
Composite hoses are used wherever highly flexible and lightweight tank truck & chemical hose lines are needed, e.g. for ship's refuelling or in tank farms.

These hoses are supplied with a PP or PTFE core; these are press-fitted rather than bonded, so that we are able to manufacture hosepipes for your requirements within a very short space of time.

The appropriate fittings are made of steel, stainless steel, brass or polypropylene. We supply in nominal sizes of 19 - 250 mm diameter.

Every single hose line is tested in our workshops and provided with a test certificate. Of course, we also do repairs!

ELAFLEX Special hoses
Lilac Band (multi purpose hose)
Blue Band (solvent hose)
Elaflon (blue-white-red universal hose)
Elaflon Plus FEP (universal hose with PTFE inlining resistant to all "standard" chemicals)
Orange Band (liquid petroleum gas hose)
Brown Band (hot bitumen)

Alternative products at reasonable prices
MTL 50 + 75 (UHPE core, light-coloured inside), corrugated outside
Flexichem 50 + 75 (UHPE core, dark-coloured inside), corrugated outside

Special hoses
Composite hoses
Heated hose lines
Double-walled hose lines in compliance with the German water resources law
Stainless steel hoses

Typical applications:
  • Aircraft refuelling
  • Ship refuelling
  • Chemicals
  • Road tanker and container loading
  • Paint factories
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tank farms
  • Rail tank wagon loading
  • Firefighting service (hazardous materials containers)
Our service for firefighting services:
We advise you on equipping your implement truck or hazardous material container.

Have a word with our specialists!