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Hose lines are subject to special requirements when used for handling chemical substances, toxicants or gases or are possibly exposed to high temperatures.

Therefore ready-assembled hosepipes are also work equipment as defined by the new operational reliability regulation and are subject to the European pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG.

Where they are a permanent installation, they can form part of a plant that is subject to official control. Under certain conditions, hose lines are required to bear the CE marking! Temperature, pressure, abrasion, wear and ageing can lead to failure and so constitute a source of danger to life and limb.
It has therefore been recognized that only tested and thus reliable hose lines are a guarantee for safe operation, which in the final analysis will save on operating costs.

The state of the art is reflected in standards, recommendations and regulations.
Compared to former years, the assembly, repair and testing of such hosepipes may only be carried out by competent personnel such as
"a qualified person in accordance with the operational dependability regulation for pressure vessels and pipelines" It goes without saying that a number of our employees have this qualification, and other employees are "certified specialist consultants for hoses & fittings".

We manufacture hose lines for all conceivable applications, such as e.g. water, steam, chemicals, acids, solvents, petrol, hot bitumen, for aircraft fuelling, chemical works, ship loading operations, haulage companies, fire services ("GWG, AB Gefahrgut"), etc..

Our services in detail:
  • Initial and periodic tests and inspections either at the customer's or in our factory, in conformity with EN 12115, it being immaterial whether your hosepipes are new or "second-hand".
  • Advice on CE marking
  • Tests and inspections in accordance with your factory standards
  • Field inspections
  • Hydrostatic pressure test
  • Testing of the electrical conductivity of "T", "Ohm" or "M" hose lines
  • Individual identification markings made with our digital engraving machine
  • Periodic calibration or verification of our test pieces
  • Documentation in the form of individual documentary evidence, in compliance with EN 10204 3.1
  • Management of hose lists
  • Field repairs

Operating instructions are, of course, supplied in German or English for the hosepipes we have manufactured!

Over and above this we shall be pleased to carry out the following work for you:

  • Cutting & marking of hose lines
  • Advice on hose components
  • Advice on durability properties of components
  • Repairs
  • Instruction courses

Service Centre for road tankers
This special service is provided particularly for road tanker hauliers.
We are located next to the new premises of MTR (Mannheimer Tankwagenreinigung Dietrich Ehrhardt). After you have booked a time with us by telephone, we test your hose lines while your tank is being cleaned nextdoor and you purchase your spare parts from us (parking facilities in our courtyard!)

Valid regulations, standards and recommendations

EN 12115 hoses for chemicals
EN 10204 test certificates
T 002 BG Chemie - safe hose lines
PED 97/23/EG Pressure Equipment Directive
Directive 94/9/EG ATEX (Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
Qualified person as defined by the operational dependability regulation for pressure equipment and pipelines.
Operating instructions for hosepipes
Instructions for the use of Hose Assemblies
SQAS Road Safety and Quality Assessment System

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Instructions for the use
of Hose Assemblies

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